Tipping guidelines


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Traveling to a new destination means doing lots of research and reading about what to expect. I’m here to help you as much as possible and one of the most popular questions I get asked is about tipping guidelines for South Africa, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

So without further ado, here we go!

South Africa

Leaving a tip after a meal is, one could almost say, compulsory. Waiting staff don’t earn a large salary and rely heavily on tips left by patrons.

The accepted minimum in 10-15% of the total bill, however, should you meal have been fantastic, service excellent and you had a wonderful time leaving more is greatly appreciated and welcomed. You can either add the amount to the credit card payment and the manager will give the cash to the watron at the end of the shift, or you can give it in cash. We recommend only giving Rands as the tip because locals find it very challenging changing foreign currency to local currency at banks.

Should you be dining with a group of people (generally more than 6) double check your bill to make sure that a tip hasn’t already been added. Many restaurants include a compulsory 10% tip onto bills for tables larger than 6 guests.

For those going on safari here are our tipping guidelines for your guide, tracker, etc.

  • Lodge guides: $10 – 20 per couple per day
  • Trackers: $5 – 10 per couple per day
  • Driver and tracker: $15 – 20 per couple per day (give the tip to the driver who will then split it)
  • Driver/guides & specialist guides: around $50 per couple per day
  • Lodge staff: the easiest way to tip the lodge’s cooks, housekeepers and porters is to use the staff tipping box – the contents of which are shared – at the end of your stay. Work on USD 10 per person per day. If there is someone who has really stood out and provided excellent service, you may want to tip him or her separately – simply put your tip in an envelope with the person’s name


Tipping in Mauritius is not standard or even customary and although you’re very welcome to leave a tip should you feel the service, meal & experience exceeded your expectations; it’s totally acceptable to skip the tip completely. However, if you decide to leave a tip for the staff, a 5-10% tip is acceptable.

If you’ve ventured out of the resorts and done some touring with the services of a local guide , although it’s not obligatory, 10% of the cost is accepted as very generous.

Porters or hotel staff would welcome a few rupees per bag or 50 rupees a day is very welcome. If you’re unsure be sure to ask a manager at your hotel and they will be more than happy to assist you with acceptable amounts.


Most services in the Seychelles – restaurant, bar, cab – include a gratuity in the quoted price so be sure to double check before adding on any additional tips.

Should you have utilised a tour guide for touring services, you can consider $5 for a half day tour and $10 for a full day tour an appropriate tip.

Hotel staff would also welcome any tips left and you can either speak to the hotel manager to get his advise or consider $2 for porters and housekeeping staff per day.


These are just tipping guidelines and are based on current norms (2018). The $ symbol refers to US Dollar.